Floyd Mayweather Gains TKO Over Conor McGregor


Floyd Mayweather scored a TKO against Conor McGregor in the tenth round to remain undefeated. The bout took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 26, 2017.

I have been a boxing fan for a very long time. I have seen hype of just about every kind before. But I have never seen hype and anticipation for a fight like this one. Did the contest live up to expectations? Not really. Like most events of this type, the contest was far more boring than the hype.

Here is a round by round recap of the fight.

Round ONE: McGregor was the clear aggressor and threw many more punches than Mayweather. Mayweather spent most of a boring round circling with his gloves up. The only meaningful punch was a short uppercut from McGregor that landed almost square on Mayweather’s jaw.

Round TWO: This was more of the same for the majority of the round. McGregor switched from his normal southpaw style to right-handed and back again a couple of times. No hard blows were landed.

Round THREE: Mayweather was on the attack a bit more in this round. However, it was evident that the pace was slow enough that there would be no fatigue issues for him in this match.

Round FOUR: The pace picked up just a fraction thanks to more punching activity by Mayweather. Otherwise, it was just rinse and repeat.

Round FIVE: The most interesting part of this round was a slight pushing incident at the conclusion.

Round SIX: For the second time in the fight, McGregor stood in front of Mayweather and put his hands behind his back to taunt him. He did the same thing in round two, and Mayweather didn’t take the bait then or in the sixth.

Round SEVEN: Mayweather laid back in the first half of the round. He dominated the second half of round seven by landing several punches to McGregor’s head. So far, neither fighter has appeared hurt.

Round EIGHT: The most active round of the fight to this point. Mayweather clearly landed more punches, but McGregor fought well and landed a few good shots of his own.

Rouund NINE: McGregor began round very aggressively and threw almost all of the punches for the first minute. He seemed to punch himself out and Mayweather came on strong to score several good shots in the last minute of the round.

Round TEN: McGregor tried to start attacking again and that lasted for about 30 seconds. Then Mayweather came on strong with rapid jabs and hooks that landed hard on McGregor’s face. After Mayweather landed at least a dozen punches without a reply from McGregor, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight with 1:05 left in the round.

Mayweather was strong throughout the fight, and McGregor seemed to run out of gas at the end. McGregor complained that the fight was stopped too soon, but the referee did the right thing. McGregor would have fallen soon, and there was no point in risking his health further.

Mayweather stated that this was definitely his last fight. He retires undefeated at 50-0 and 40 years old. With that record, Mayweather surpasses the last great fighter to retire undefeated, heavyweight Rocky Marciano who had a 49-0 record.

By D.T. Osborn



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