“How Many Lights Do You See?” The Left’s Redefinition of Reality


“How many lights do you see?” is a question posed by an alien villain in episode 2, Season 6 of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” This character, played wonderfully by David Warner, says this while torturing Patrick Stewart’s character, Captain Picard.

The story revolves around the physical and psychological torment of Picard by his captor. Part of the routine involved the Cardassian captor trying to convince Picard that a row of four lights behind the inquisitor were really a row of five lights.  He would continue to inflect pain upon Picard, and then would offer him freedom, if he just said that their were five lights instead of four lights.

Picard doesn’t succumb and is eventually released after long days of suffering. On his way out of his tormentor’s presence, beaten and weak, he turns back and yells in defiance “There are four lights!” It was a brilliant statement about the goal of tyranny over any people, as well as the courage needed to resist such tyranny. It also describes the goal of the violent Left in America.

Reality Must Be Redefined to Rule

The point of the Star Trek TNG episode was this; if Picard would have said something was real that he knew wasn’t real, he would be broken. His will would have been surrendered to allowing tyrannical authority to determine reality. That is the whole point of having political prisoners sent to “re-education camps.” Instill enough fear and suffering and the prisoners will come around. Even if they don’t, the implicit warning will keep everyone else in line.

That is also the point of what the tyrannical Left, headed by BLM and Antifa, is attempting to accomplish. They want to redefine reality in order to rule. It turns out it’s a lot easier to do these days than it was in the episode. It can be done just by enough people whining about reality, at least today. Outright torture is not necessary. However violence and even some torture for fun has not been off the table.

Politically, the ridiculousness of the reaction to Trump’s comments about Charlottesville is the latest example of this. This twisting of truth to equate Trump to a racist Nazi has also fueled an even greater, more perilous attempt to redefine reality.

The Reality of History Being Erased and Replaced

I refer to the spate of incessant internet nonsense and especially the attempt to erase historical reality by pulling down ‘confederate’ statues all over the country. This has already morphed beyond that plateau of outrage. Now, the statues and monuments of any slave owners, including the Founding Fathers, are under siege. In fact, even a bust of Abraham Lincoln was burned in Chicago, Illinois on August 15! This is an ominous development and portends a disastrous future.

The effort to erase and replace history has been commencing for decades. The public education system in America has been the primary catalyst of the effort by teaching a revisionist history of the nation. One example of many is found in the report of the 2003 Texas High School U.S. History Textbook Ratings. This text was particularly bad, but there have been a lot more like it in recent offerings:

American Nation in the Modern Era • Holt ©2003
Disproportionate, agenda-driven stress on anti-social history over political and economic themes:
Divisive, inflammatory, unprofessional stereotypes of whites as oppressors and people of color as victims, polarizing multicultural populations
Fragmentary coverage, incoherent explanations, low prioritization of key terms, issues, and concepts in U.S. Constitutional history
Dubious grasp of some topics in U.S. economic history; definite disinterest in questioning old left anti-capitalist, pro-big government prejudices

It Won’t Stop With Statues

Once the child is out of high school, the erasure of history is almost complete. When they got to college, the replacement of real history with a new and more fitting Marxist-type history became the priority. Leftist institutions filled the now empty-headed high school graduates with invented history about the superiority of Marxism and moral depravity of Capitalism and free enterprise. These brainwashed youth were percolating with false rage just waiting to violently boil. All it took was the election of Donald Trump to give them an excuse to explode.

These students in groups like Antifa, and some of the faculty, are the primary purveyors of the violent acts at so-called “protests” in recent years. What awaits, should this continue, is historical “book burning.” Because the next target of the Left’s rage will be the historical documents of the nation. The total decimation of history cannot be left undone when the replacement of a nation is the goal.

Historical Documents Are the Next Target

The erasure of history is not accomplished by the removal of statues. Statues are only reminders of history. The next is line for destruction will be historical documents that one group or another find “offensive” in some manner. It will reach our founding documents. Both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence will be targeted as offensive documents.

Should the Left succeed there, the path is wide open for the replacement of the nation itself! That is the real object of all this violent, self-righteous, Antifa, BLM, SJW action. To create enough chaos in America, and to cast enough doubt on America, in order to justify an overthrow and replacement of America!

However, there is something that the Left doesn’t consider in their headlong rush to remake America. If they prevail, it will only signal their death knell. That prediction will be examined in part two of this series.

Commentary by D.T. Osborn

Images Courtesy of Valerie’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License





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