The Transgender Movement and Child Abuse


The transgender movement is using the idea of “gender identity” to abuse children. There are numerous examples of parents claiming they are supporting the desires of their children who express some discomfort with their biological sex. Some of these children are as young as four or five years old.

The argument of transgender supporters is that gender is not biologically determined. Instead, they claim, gender is a socially constructed fiction which is malleable regardless of the biological realities. This assertion has been taught for decades in our institutions of higher education under the rubric of ‘equality.’

Therefore, if one wishes to change their gender identity as a female to identify as a male, that person should be allowed to do so. In fact, not only should someone be allowed to alter their biological reality, everyone else must affirm, celebrate and empower that change regardless of belief or scientific fact.

Until recently, this kind of rights claim was restricted to adults. However, this is now being claimed as legitimate for children. This is not some academic exercise. It has become a present reality. Reality to the extent that some pediatricians are advocating and being trained to give dangerous drugs and hormones to pre-teens for the purpose of “transitioning.” This is dangerous child abuse to advance a political and social agenda.

It Is Harmful to Children’s Health

Giving potentially toxic drugs to children is part of a harmful series of tactics prepared for “transitioning” them from one sex to the opposite sex. According to a report cited on “Buck Sexton with America Now” from July 6, 2017, drugs would be given to pre-pubescent children in order to delay puberty so that biological sexual changes would be delayed.

The next step in this process of transitioning would occur at age 16 or so. This step would involve the beginning of surgical alterations to the body. If, for example, a 16 year old female was starting to develop breasts and still wished to transition to a male, a double mastectomy would be performed. Should the transitioning continue to age 18, genital surgery including a full hysterectomy would be done to complete the transformation from female to “male.”

These medical procedures are inherently harmful to the health of children. For one thing, the drugs that delay puberty are poorly understood. There has been scant testing of what this interference to natural biological development would do the the person’s body. There are serious questions to which the answers are not known.

For example, what is the potential damage to the hormonal system of a child of 10 or 11 from these puberty-delaying drugs? That is unknown and unknowable without actual testing on children. Is this the direction sexually confused adults really want to go? To seriously endanger your child’s health, and the health of other children, for your social and political agenda? That is child abuse, no matter what anyone else may claim.

Usurping the Child’s Rights

Abuse also occurs by the usurping of human rights. One of the most sacred human rights is the right to one’s bodily integrity. To influence a child to take the steps described is to violate and usurp that integrity. Make no mistake, a child of 11 could never freely choose to have her puberty delayed. Children simply cannot give informed consent. A piece of common-sense advice is given concerning this by The New Atlantis:

We frequently hear from neuroscientists that the adolescent brain is too immature to make reliably rational decisions, but we are supposed to expect emotionally troubled adolescents to make decisions about their gender identities and about serious medical treatments at the age of 12 or younger. And we are supposed to expect parents and physicians to evaluate the risks and benefits of puberty suppression, despite the state of ignorance in the scientific community about the nature of gender identity.

Additionally, there is very little known about the effects of these drugs, and virtually nothing about the inevitable side-effects specifically upon trans-individuals. What is known is not positive. For example:

This is far from benign, since taking puberty blockers at age 12 or younger, followed by cross- sex hormones, sterilizes a child.

Thus, the child’s future ability to conceive children of their own is destroyed. Is civilized society prepared to deal with that and other damage children will incur simply to affirm a disturbed adult’s wish?

Ironically, though the affirming parents may believe they are helping the child, they are actually harming the child. Physically, mentally and emotionally they are inflicting abuse upon the child by denying even a chance at childhood. Moreover, it is stealing the freedom of the child to most likely change in the future. According to studies, the vast majority of children who ‘identify’ as the opposite sex grow out of it by the end of puberty. Even a 16 year-old is not always finished with puberty.

The worst consequence of all of this is it usurps the child’s right to life. The suicide rate of transgenders is 41 percent, even in environments where they feel comfortable ‘transitioning.’ The suicide rate of the general population is 4.6 percent. This is condemning children who are so unfortunate as to find themselves victims of their parent(s) mental problems.

In the next article, the inherent dangers and spread of the transgender movement are chronicled as a warning to our immediate future.

By D.T. Osborn


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Featured Image by Kopfjäger Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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