The UN and the End of a Road Paved with Good Intentions [part 2]


President Trump’s speech to the United Nations on September 19, 2017, has caused a bit of an uproar. Those on the left are upset that Trump basically called out the U.N. for its support of socialist states like Venezuela, among other items. His statement that Venezuela was in dire straights because “socialism was faithfully implemented” was met with long seconds of shocked and indignant silence.

Yet Trump did all of this with a very important tone that pervaded his entire address. He was calling the organization back to its noble purpose of 70 years ago and declaring that as sovereign nations we can truly work together. It is hoped that the bureaucrats at the U.N. will heed the message. However, don’t hold your breath waiting. The U.N. may already be beyond redemption.

The UN is Broken

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

The creation of the United Nations after the Second World War was to be a signal to the world that the people of this planet were ready to cooperate in friendship and across national and ethnic lines. While it may not happen quickly, it seemed assured that with diligent effort and good will, peace in our world and in our time would happen. The U.N., like ‘Humpty Dumpty,’ seemed secure on top of a global “wall” and ready to oversee the new age of peace and enlightenment which would surely follow.

In the intervening seven decades, the reality of what the U.N. has done and become has revealed a ‘great fall’ from the high perch of noble aspirations into a ditch of moral relativism, multiculturalism, corruption, and incompetence. In fact, the fall has been so great that it may be impossible to put “Humpty” together again even with “all the king’s men.”

The Fatal Flaw

In the first article we examined two prominent cases of corruption at the U.N. However, the organization has had serious problems even from the beginning. The inclusion in the Security Council of permanent members China and the former U.S.S.R. signaled the beginning of woes for the U.N. Those who fashioned the U.N. had a fatal flaw in their own philosophy. They suffered from the same viewpoint disease that those on the left suffer from to this day, moral relativism. This is the disease that tries to make the case that all belief systems should be viewed as equally moral, despite the wide-ranging differences between them. Morality is thus relative. It is to be understood that no one’s culture or religious belief (or lack of one) is more moral, or good, than any other.

Naturally, that means they believed that once every nation just got together to talk and understand one another, we would realize the inherent goodness of all humanity and would all work for world peace. It wouldn’t matter what our different faiths taught, they were all morally right.

This results in a nation which has the belief that women are the ‘property’ of men and can be beaten at will or even be murdered sitting with the same influence as a nation which believes that women should have equal rights with a man. This is dangerous nonsense.

Evil Is Alive and Well Even in the UN

You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. [Matthew 12:34]

This Utopian vision of everyone working together and singing around the campfire disdains the demonstrable presence of evil in the human heart. That is a very large mistake. One thing we should have learned from terrorism in this century alone is that not only does evil exist, it can and does breed and grow in the human heart.

In one way the Utopians were correct. Nations such as the U.S.S.R. and Communist China did indeed desire world “peace.” However, their picture of world peace was a subjugation of all nations as a union of communists dictated to by the all-powerful Soviet state. Once these two totalitarian nations were put on equal footing in the most powerful council of the U.N., the stage was set to guarantee that the U.N. itself would prove a very ineffectual instrument for peace in our time.

In the final installment of this series, we will examine attempts by the U.N. in recent history to settle disputes both between and within various nations around the globe. There we will see the fruit that has come from the flawed foundations of the U.N. and why I believe the United States should withdraw both its support and presence from the organization.

Opinion News By D.T. Osborn

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of UN Geneva’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License


5 thoughts on “The UN and the End of a Road Paved with Good Intentions [part 2]

    • In the DISQUS blog where I posted his text, said:
      “This is a political analysis from a Christian point of view.” Do you agree?
      The issues are varied, politicized and controversial, there is the normal disagreement.
      And if you find it convenient, I would like to invite you to participate in the comments in the discussions. It’s just you create a profile.
      I think that a Christian point of view is always a big, important and necessary differential.

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      • I agree that this is political analysis from a Christian viewpoint. I testify to a person Christian faith experience and subscribe to a Christian worldview. I practice the adage that one should analyze the world, “with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” Though today the medium is different, the principle remains trustworthy.
        As for discussion, I am always on board for civilized and reasonable conversation and even debate. However, insults, character assassination, and other ad-hominem attacks are considered uncivilized and unreasonable and unwelcome.

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      • Perfectly, you know, there are always trolls, and we must avoid them.

        How we understand the Word of God:

        But avoid the profane gossip, because it will produce greater impiety. 2 Timothy 2:16

        Bring these things to remembrance, and command them before the Lord, that they should not have contentions of words, which are of no avail, and are for the perversion of the hearers. 2 Timothy 2:14

        And he rejects the mad, uneducated questions, knowing that they produce strife. 2 Timothy 2:23

        And by of the Word of God, which is the Spirit of the Lord, the distinction of truth and of the deceit is made.
        Ask the Lord for guidance, if this applicable, you will be directed.

        Thanks for your attention.


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