Gender Insanity In The Boy Scouts


God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. [Genesis 1:27 NASB]

In January of this year, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would henceforth accept ‘transgender boys’ as both Scouts and Scoutmasters.

This means that if there is a young girl who “identifies”, or believes she is really a he, and she wanted to become a Boy Scout, she would be admitted as a boy. This also means that the young males would be required to refer to a female as if she were a male!

This past Wednesday, October 11, 2017, the BSA made another startling announcement.

The Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors on Wednesday unanimously approved a plan to open Cub Scouts to girls next year and to establish a program by 2019 that will allow girls to become Eagle Scouts, a historic policy shift

This is another in a series of dangerous and delusional beliefs that liberals have recently wholeheartedly embraced. Unfortunately, this is an embrace of unreality.

Embracing Unreality

It is delusional to believe what does not comport with reality. The ‘transgender’ movement is based on the concept of Gender Identity which teaches that gender is a societal construct. Fine, let’s agree that is the base. The teaching of Gender ID is the teaching of a concept. The present advocacy for ‘transgender’ rights attempts to grant the force of reality to this concept.

The major problem with the idea is that the norms of society for things such as bathrooms were not designed as male and female based on a concept. They were instead based on biological and moral realities.

The biological realities are not in question. Male and female are fundamentally biologically different at the base level of genetics. DNA is unassailable by any so-called societal construct. In other words, it is what it is and you are what you are, no matter how much you desire, want and fantasize otherwise.

The interesting and stubborn thing about reality is that it always springs up and slaps the fantasy in the face. In the case of the ‘transgender’ movement, the fantasy is delusion on a mass scale. This accentuates the problem because it increases the potential damage to real society by the delusion.

A Damaging Delusion

We have seen this being played out and now it has reached a critical level with the status changes of the Boy Scouts. The level is critical because we are now talking about forcing a dangerous delusion upon children! Here, the moral realities begin to assert objections to the ‘transgender’ movement.

Morality comes into play because of the potential for the abuse of children by ‘transgender’ acceptance which will surely be extended to adult Scout Leaders as well. However, even if that does not prove to be the case, and even if the potential for physical abuse is nil, there remains a profoundly dangerous element to be considered.

History has chronicled the results of embracing a fantasy instead of reality in nations and cultures. The results are not pretty. For example, the attempt to force upon reality the delusion of Aryan supremacy required the ugliness of a World War to bring actual reality to the fore.

The fantasy of leftist ideologues on the Supreme Court gave us Roe v. Wade. The consequences of legalized abortion so far are almost 60 million human lives lost, and countless damaged women since 1973. More recently, the attempt to force on reality the fantasy of “hands up, don’t shoot”  has yielded horrible results in loss of human life and property destruction by groups such as Black Lives Matter.

The Future Boys/Girls/Transgender Scouts of America?

The BSA was not satisfied with admitting transgender individuals into its ranks. As noted above, they have now announced that girls will be fully included in membership. Those who approve of this move include a group called “Scouts for Equality.” The co-founder of the group Zach Wahls said this:

“This is yet another step forward for the Boy Scouts of America,”… “Girls and their families all across the country have been asking the BSA to allow girls to participate as full members and earn the same ranks and awards as their brothers. This change will allow local troops to decide the best approach for them and will eventually allow girls to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.”

One organization is not as supportive of this move by the BSA, the Girl Scouts. They have also released a statement claiming that:

it strains the century-old bond between the two groups.

Indeed, if these plans come to fruition, what might happen to the Girl Scouts? Their future seems murky at best.

Reality Cannot Be Ignored

Neither biological nor moral reality can be ignored long without serious repercussions in society. What those will look like I cannot say for sure. But when we begin with the real possibility of child abuse because of ignoring reality, the future does not bode well for society.

Unless we decide to fight this absurdity and delusional behavior. First, individually determine to stand in truth no matter the hostility against it. Second, determine to pray for the aid of the LORD because we will need it. The leftist ideologues have invested too much to give up easily. We cannot afford to let this delusional embrace of fantasy win over our culture and society. The stakes are just too high.

We cannot afford to let this delusional embrace of fantasy win over our culture and society. The stakes are the continued liberty of our land and sanity of our society now and in the future.

By D.T. Osborn

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Richard Elzey’s Flickr Page –  Creative Commons License

One thought on “Gender Insanity In The Boy Scouts

  1. This may be another UN agenda for population control, such as advocacy for homosexuality and same-sex marriages.
    Personal physical inclinations for the same sex, are not cultural aspects or political guidelines.
    Biology is very clear, obvious and true: there are genres. Men can not give birth and women do not have semen.
    The Holy Bible is the norm, and makes it clear that marriage is heterosexual because the woman was made for man; and the man to God.

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