Franken vs Moore: Injustice and Political Intention on the Left


The recent sexual misconduct allegations plaguing Senator Al Franken (D-MN) and candidate Roy Moore from Alabama have been treated very differently in both the media and Congress. These differences reveal two important facets of leftist behavior, one intentional and the other a consequence of their intentions.

The consequence is the injustice promoted by the reactions of leftist media and politicians. The intentions are to procure political power; rules and ethics aside.

The Injustice of the Leftist Media

The injustice on the Left is elucidated by observing two leftist dominated entities; the mainstream media and Democratic politicians.

In the media realm, the disproportionate coverage news outlets such as NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc., is evidence of injustice. According to MRC’s Newsbusters:

At 4 hours, 8 minutes, the allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore earned more coverage than those of all other politicians combined. Next in line came sitting Democratic Senator Al Franken, with one hour and 14 minutes.

It should be kept in mind that this study was prior to the recent revelation by Moore’s chief accuser that she tampered with the infamous “yearbook signature.” 

Anecdotally, on a December 7, 2017, C-Span 3 broadcast of hearings by the Congressional oversight committee were being held when an announcement of Sen. Franken’s upcoming retirement scrolled across the screen. It read, “Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) announces resignation amid sexual harassment allegations.”

That is simply incorrect. What the photo showed was sexual assault, not harassment. For a network supposedly as neutral as C-Span to mischaracterize the allegations in that way reeks of partisanship.

The Injustice of Leftist Politicians

3615806265_d96c897bf9_qIn the book of Proverbs, chapter 19 and verse 28 it is written:

A worthless witness mocks at justice, and the mouth of the wicked devours iniquity.

The injustice of the leftist political scene is encapsulated in the facts of each case. First, who is involved? There is a sitting United States Senator with photographic evidence of sexual assault versus a candidate for the Senate with shaky evidence that he did anything wrong.

Secondly, what is the political response to these cases?  The democratic response toward the candidate is to demand that he drop out of the race. However, because of the suspicious timing of the allegations against Moore, should he drop out, there would be no Republican candidate.

Since it was unlikely Moore would drop out, a few leftists from both Democrat and Republican ranks have threatened to expel him from the Senate should he win on December 12. If this happens without real proof coming forward against Moore, it will signal a standard that is unjust.

For the sitting Senator, the recent days saw many calls for his resignation from the Democratic side of the aisle. Franken did announce that he would be “resigning in the coming weeks,” leaving the door open to his remaining for an undetermined amount of time. This factor, and Franken’s resignation “announcement” speech casts serious doubt on whether or not Franken will really leave.

The American Spectator remarked that Franken’s speech followed an established pattern:

I didn’t do it, I’m only quitting because I am a distraction and can’t advance my party’s agenda “effectively anymore, and the other side is worse. … the Democrats saw an opportunity for some cost-free moral posturing. Franken was “doing the right thing,” they said. But how is he doing the right thing if he continues to deny the charges? The same rationale for quitting — that it is good for the party — would have kept him in the seat if Minnesota’s governor were Republican.

Of course, since Minnesota’s governor is a Democrat, if and when Franken leaves, a  Democratic replacement will be appointed.

The Intention of the Left

4794598709_2b0253d602_qThe intention of the Left here is the same as it has always been, power. To be precise, it is the attaining of as much political power as possible in a classic case of “situational ethics.” Put simply, this means that morality, what might be right or wrong, depends upon the situation one is dealing with. Additionally, what is right or wrong might change if the situation itself changes.

This has been demonstrated by the Left during the recent explosion of sex-scandals in the entertainment as well as the political world. The historical tolerance of the Left for sexual abuse in entertainment suddenly changed when the modern situation came to the fore.

In politics, we can find this factor exerting itself back in the 1960s and the killing of a young lady by a drunken Senator Edward Kennedy. Kennedy’s part in this was whitewashed, and he went on to become what Democrats called “the lion of the Senate,” at the end of his career.

By defending Franken remaining in the Senate, while calling for Moore to be unseated should he be elected, the leftists show that all they are concerned with is keeping this seat in the Senate while attempting to deny Alabama voters the duly elected representative of their choice. It is an exercise in raw, corrupting power, and we are just beginning to see how destructive the results of such an exercise truly are.


D.T. Osborn


“Situation Ethics: The New Morality” Joseph Fletcher, Westminster Press, 1966
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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