Eugenics, Euthanasia and The Resuscitation of Evil Against The Disabled

Eugenics, Euthanasia and The Resuscitation of Evil Against The Disabled

As the year 2017 draws to a close, there will be inevitable reminiscing about the most important stories of the past 12 months. President Trump’s first year will certainly be considered one, if not the number one most important story.

Some might rightly claim that 2017 was the year of the “sexual scandals” that exploded in almost every area of the public arena. When one looks beyond the United States, the tragic economic collapse of Socialist Venezuela might top the 2017 list.

Yet, there was one rather ominous series of events that were virtually ignored in 2017.  These events mark a revival of eugenics and a resuscitation of evil intent against the disabled.

A Eugenics Revival

Eugenics is a pernicious philosophy which makes human existence a commodity. A commodity where each individual’s right to live is twisted into each individual’s worthiness to live.

The most infamous application of eugenics was the “Final solution” of Nazi Germany, the Holocaust. In Hitler’s brand of ‘eugenics,’ the Jews were considered unworthy to live. Hitler began his application of eugenics by the elimination of another group of people considered unworthy of life, the disabled.

The “euthanasia” program targeted, for systematic killing, mentally and physically disabled patients living in institutional settings in Germany and German-annexed territories. …The “euthanasia” program was Nazi Germany’s first program of mass murder. It predated the genocide of European Jewry (the Holocaust) by approximately two years.

The Planned Parenthood Connection

8429764779_bfa3831f43_mThere is a prominent organization today whose founder was a firm believer in eugenics and an advocate of the elimination of the disabled, especially the “feeble-minded” and “imbeciles” of society. That organization is Planned Parenthood, and the founder was Margaret Sanger.

Planned Parenthood would never admit to following someone who admired the motives, if not the methods, of Hitler himself. Yet it is curious that an abnormally large number of PP clinics are situated in predominantly poor black neighborhoods. These are two of the less worthy contingents of humanity according to Ms. Sanger.

For those who may not be aware, the primary business of this organization is abortion services. The numbers just can’t be denied despite the denials of PP.

Abortion Used to Resuscitate Evil Against the Disabled

Except for the existence of Planned Parenthood, the philosophy of eugenics was discredited and shamed in modern times. The example of Hitler’s horrors had effectively accomplished that status. PP has escaped such disdain because of its linkage with feminism. Not because it has any substantial difference with the evil of eugenics.

However, in the last few years, the beginnings of a resuscitation of eugenics aimed at the disabled has come through the vehicle of abortion. In 2017, the evil lives again as government policy in Europe. Who knows how far it will go in 2018?

Socialist Health Care Fuels Such Evil

DreamyIn August of 2017, one of the most overlooked consequences of socialism and socialist health care reared its ugly head. It was highlighted for a brief moment then but has quickly faded from view in public attention. It happened in Iceland.

In a CBS broadcast and article of last Monday, August 14, 2017, the network extolled the near “disappearance” of Down syndrome babies in Iceland. While this may seem like a laudable feat, the method used to achieve it is truly chilling. In Iceland, they abort virtually every Down syndrome baby.

This was not limited to Iceland. In fact, several European countries have joined this trend. And they are justifying these actions by the necessities of socialist health care.

Why does this horror seem to be gaining ground? Sadly, it might just boil down to money:  “After a Dutch newspaper reported that ‘a child with Down syndrome costs 1 to 2 million Euros,’ … ‘preventing the birth of 50 babies with Down syndrome will offset the costs of fully implementing the Nipt [non-invasive prenatal testing] into Dutch public healthcare.’ “

Rationing Care Begins the Justification of Evil

And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. [Mark 10:13,14 ESV]

Socialist healthcare eventually and inevitably leads to rationing. Like everything in Socialism, it requires other people’s money to run the state that controls the distribution of those people’s money. Since the government produces nothing and creates no wealth, eventually, as the former Prime Minister of Britain Margaret Thatcher noted, “you run out of other people’s money.”

When applied to healthcare, this means that eventually there will not be enough money to pay the current costs under a Socialist system. Economic law dictates that the only way out of this situation is to either increase income or decrease cost. Since income is running out, the choice is to decrease the cost. The only way to do that is to ration the care. The first victims of such rationing are the disabled.

Just a few weeks ago, another report out of the Netherlands is once again extolling the virtues of eliminating Down Syndrome babies, and for economic reasons to boot. They are doing so in a rather cruel way on a TV program

The series, that was titled ‘The Last Downer’ …follows a Dutch man with Down Syndrome and in this scene he meets with a government official to learn just how much he costs society. … At the request of a television show called The Last Downer, we watch as Sjoerd, a man with Down syndrome, is told precisely what he and his similarly-chromosomed friends are costing Europe, in hard dollars and cents: $48,000 Euros, per “Downer” per year.

Sjoerd’s companion says, “That is a considerable amount, but it is high when compared to “normal” persons?

Oh, yes. “Normal” folk only cost $5,000 Euros a year, each.

“So you could say that Sjoerd is almost 10 times as expensive than we are. …Is there another group in the Netherlands that approaches that amount?”

The Presence of This Evil in America

7764980112_ff0a69dcc5_mEuthanasia of the disabled, whether through abortion or otherwise, has been practiced in America for a long time. However, until recent years, it has been viewed as an evil practice. The popularization of euthanasia by the infamous Dr. ‘Death’ Kevorkian during the 1990s and early 2000s did result in a little greater acceptance of ‘death with dignity’ even for those who were not terminally ill but simply disabled.

This kind of acceptance has resulted in five states, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana and California with some form of legal assisted suicide. The laws all are supposed to apply to competent adults who are terminally ill. However, that is not necessarily the case in reality.

One State is Fighting Back and Facing Pushback

Three days before Christmas, 2017, Ohio legally banned abortions for Down Syndrome. One result of the signing of this bill by Governor John Kasich has been severe criticism from groups such as the National Abortion Rights Action League or NARAL, and the American Civil Liberties Union. In fact, the ACLU could well consider legal action after their success in Indiana

A similar law was struck down in Indiana in September by a U.S. District Judge after a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The future of this law in Ohio will be a test case that could hopefully mark a turn away from such evil aimed at the disabled. I pray to the LORD this, or perhaps some yet to be known factor, will turn the tide. Otherwise, the future for life, and perhaps for free society itself, is too horrible to contemplate.

D.T. Osborn

Sources:  The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles 2001

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Down Espana’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
First Inset Image Courtesy of American Life League’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Second Inset Image Courtesy of Andreas-photography’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Third Inset Image Courtesy of Miran Rijavec’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License












7 thoughts on “Eugenics, Euthanasia and The Resuscitation of Evil Against The Disabled

  1. This is very scary. Thank you for tackling this very politically incorrect topic.

    What is even scarier is that socialized health care fuels the organ trade business by teaching people to want “affordable replacement parts” instead of learning good stewardship over the bodies they now have. Some time ago, I read a very scary novel (from a Christian world view, too) about how the current health care systems now in place are beginning to have both the ability to do unreported tissue matching through routine blood tests, and how this information can then be used in a nationwide data base to transform the poor and disenfranchised (or, less-visible citizens, even single women, if they live alone and would not be missed right away) into prey animals to provide parts for the rich and powerful. I wish I had written down the name of the author and the novel because all my online searches have not helped me to again locate this particular book. However, in my searching, I have discovered other notable novels centered on the organ trade, and this fall my teenage son and I discovered the “Unwind” dystopia series by Neal Shusterman. I fear that our society today is not far removed from the imaginary society depicted in “Unwind”. How far we have fallen from Jesus’ command to love our neighbor!

    Keep up the good writings!

    Best Regards,



    • First, thanks for reblogging this piece. I do not know the book you mentioned, however, I do have a book to recommend for you. It is called “Winterflight,” by Joseph Bayly. It is scary and remarkable as this author wrote the book in 1981 and predicted that our direction would be heading toward killing babies after birth and eliminating anyone above 75 years old! Blessings to you and you keep on keeping on serving the LORD.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Osborn, thanks for the great post! I myself just uploaded my own family’s nightmare with the American Eugenics program in the 1930’s My mother’s three siblings were sterilized by the state of Kansas in 1936. I tell my family’s story at
    I hope people read it and remember the at the Horor of the Nazi’s was alive and well with well-meaning Social Progressives in the United States — and is still alive today!
    Thanks again — Ray


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