Transgenderism and The Death of Women’s Sports, Part 2

Transgenderism and The Death of Women's Sports, Part 2

In part one of this series, the new IOC guidelines concerning the participation of trans-athletes were discussed. These guidelines are not rules as such because the IOC did not desire to enforce any kind of limit on the participation of transgendered contestants.

There is a bit of a mystery surrounding why the IOC would declare that there would be no sex or gender testing for the Olympics. In the past, the IOC has gone to great lengths to make certain hormones such as testosterone were not used in women’s as well as men’s competitions. The reason has to do with the elevation of political correctness to supremacy in our society. It has resulted in two instances of the truth becoming the victim of political correctness.

Political Correctness Over Biological Reality

The reality of biology is the first truth-victim of the capitulation of the IOC to political correctness. Transgender ‘rights’ is the latest leftist liberation crusade of a supposed oppressed sexual minority.

At the base of our biology, genetics determines we are binary in our sexual identities. That is, there are only two sexes, male and female. Yet this idea that simply by declaring so, one can change this truth has gained astonishing influence in just a few years. It is a denial of reality that has manifested itself as law in some states.

For example, the state of Oregon is now giving out ID at birth with an ‘x’ in addition to a mark for ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’ It is called a non-binary identification. In other words, biological reality can be ignored by the parents and the government.

If we are already giving legal status to the transgender ‘rights’ crowd, is it a stretch to believe the IOC would do the same with the Olympics? The IOC itself is not awash with people who would object, and so trans-athletes are being allowed. And competitive fairness is being seriously compromised.

Political Correctness Over Competitive Fairness

Transgenderism and The Death of Women's Sports, Part 2Competitive fairness is the second truth-victim of political correctness fostered by the IOC’s transgender guidelines. It will not be noticed in the 2018 games, however, because there are only two trans-athletes and they are going to remain anonymous.

Although there are well over 40 openly gay and lesbian athletes competing in the Summer Games, neither of the two reported trans athletes has come out publicly.

However, the leftist sentiment bemoans the fact that these trans-athletes haven’t “come out” and blames it on stigma. According to The Washington Post,

Still, the controversy and trans-shaming continue. …Until anti-trans stigma is fully erased, they are eligible to compete, but, Mosier said, that doesn’t mean “everybody is ready to accept us.”

Bowing to Political Correctness Spells the End of Women’s Sports

This is not the first time transgenderism and sports have been linked in the U.S. In 2014, the Obama administration connected the two at the levels of high school and college athletics using Title IX rules governing federal aid to state education.

This policy was rescinded earlier this year by the Department of Education. However, since 2014, there have been several examples of trans-athletes competing at both the high school and collegiate levels. The IOC is altering the status of what is the pinnacle of sports and it will not affect men’s sports at all.

It will, however, adversely affect women’s sports as this spreads through the public education system. And, it will spread, as Brandon Moore writes:

many other organizations that look to the IOC about such rulings, such as the NCAA, will follow suit. In fact, IOC Director Dr. Richard Budgett has said he hopes this decision will cause other sports to follow suit.

There is incredible leftist social and political pressure to support the transgender narrative. The pressure has already pushed the idea of “transitioning” from one sex to another for grade-school children.

Once this pressure is applied the example of the Olympics will be used to claim that transgendered athletes can compete fairly against women. The practice will then likely spread further than it already has. At that point, it will only be a matter of time before two critical things occur.

Transgenderism and The Death of Women's Sports, Part 2First, the world of women’s sports will become dominated by trans-athletes in both the amateur and professional ranks. Second, the world of women’s sports will fall apart.

After all, why would a woman who has trained since she was a little girl and dreamed of winning a gold medal, or an NCAA championship trophy, or a WNBA Championship, keep competing if she has an automatic disadvantage against her opponent? This will discourage participation by women in sports to the point sports for women exclusively will vanish.

The headlong rush to make certain transgendered advocates are satisfied is a manifestation of human pride. A pride so virulent that it demands the power to change basic human nature against the dictates of not only biological science but God as well.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  Proverbs 16:18 [ESV]

This will result in the fall of women’s sports and perhaps worse unless there is a drastic direction change in the near future. A change that will rebuke the ascendancy of this prideful delusion and humbly return to reality. In biblical terms, it is could be called repentance.

D.T. Osborn

Sources: Those not listed are linked in the article

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