The Left’s Notion of ‘Truth’ is Destructive and Dangerous


The recent release of the book “Fire and Fury,” and the inevitable author’s media tour has revealed a very destructive and dangerous notion of “truth” that is driving leftist journalism today. An example of this was expressed by the author in an interview with MSNBC by stating if something “rings true, it is true.” In fact, this notion has been the basis of leftist culture as well as journalism for quite a while.

It was demonstrated at the Grammy Awards last month when people such as Snoop Dogg Hillary Clinton actually read parts of the book in order to mock President Trump. Bear in mind the venue of this stunt. It was a music award show which became a ridiculous political and ideological circus.

Also bear in mind that the author of “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff, has openly admitted that parts of his book are fiction, even though he also claims the mantle of a “journalist” of sorts. Which specific parts are somewhat less clear in Wolff’s admissions. Thus, the Left embraces fiction in embarrassing fashion serving a particular notion of truth that is potentially a grave danger to free society. This notion is called ‘relativism.’

Relativism Rules the Left

103px-Oprah_closeupThe notion that truth is not dependent on facts is often expressed today in this manner, “You have your truth, and I have my truth.” A recent example of this was given during Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the 2017 Golden Globes.

I want to say that I value the press more than ever before as we try to navigate these complicated times, which brings me to this: what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.

To some, this might signify no more than saying everybody has their own opinion. However, that understates the presence and power of this notion in the institutions of the Left.

The presence of this overarching philosophy that truth is relative is almost universal. In public school and throughout the state university system it is taught and encouraged and has been for a long while. Most of those who occupy positions of power in the Left, whether politically or in entertainment or the media, were spoon-fed relativism all their lives.

This creates a problem. When truth can be deemed as relative, it necessarily means that truth cannot be absolute. Therein lies the fatal flaw of relativism.

Relativism Is Self-Defeating

220px-FacingFactsWordCloud4In order for relativism to be ‘correct,’ absolute truth must be denied. This has been expressed by the statement, There is no such thing as absolute truth. That is a logically self-defeating statement. Here is why.

If we are to believe There is no such thing as absolute truth, we have to believe that the statement is true for all truth, or is absolutely true. But if the statement is absolutely true, then there is at least one absolute truth which means the statement is false! Nothing can be both true and false at the same time.

Nor can one get around this logical impasse by making an exception to the statement. If the statement is amended to read There is no such thing as absolute truth except for this statement, the same difficulty arises. Why? Because we are really stating that There is no such thing as absolute truth except for the statement that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Which again means that there is at least one absolute truth and, well you know the rest.

Relativism Is Society Destroying

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20 [ESV]

If truth is viewed as relative, all of human society is affected. Because in all areas of our society truth claims are made. This is most damaging in the area of morality. Morality is made up of a series of truth claims about what is right or wrong, good or evil. If truth is relative, then so is morality and literally, anything goes.

Except that it really doesn’t work that way. Outside of the classroom, living, in reality, is far more than an idea that can be dismissed by supposing that truth is relative. Larry Anderson expresses it this way,

Here is the important point: Not a single person that has ever existed has lived her life acting as if relativism were true. We live our lives by paying attention to the truth or falsity of particular statements.

In other words, in everyday life, we cannot rely upon the notion that all truth is relative. If we did, individuals, families, businesses and other parts of society would be unable to function. It can’t be that 2 + 2 = 4 is a relative truth. And if your til doesn’t balance at the end of the shift, the boss won’t buy the explanation that the shortage is just “his truth.”

It is even worse when dealing with moral truth in real life. If I am a perpetrator of a violent crime, I don’t get to use the defense that morality is “relative” no matter how many times a professor told me so.

Relativism is Seriously Dangerous

218px-Tornado_aftermath_can_be_seen_in_Moore,_Okla.,_May_28,_2013_130528-Z-TK779-007However, the real danger of relativism is its insistence in government education, journalistic practice, and politics. Why is this so? Because an impossible concept is being taught, encouraged, and applied as if it were real.

This kind of self-deception will only reap dangerous consequences. The case of the book “Fire and Fury,” is a prominent example as it is part of a deceptive campaign to overturn a free and legal presidential election.

There is another very recent example in journalistic practice at the leftist network MSNBC. On Friday, February 2, panelist Donny Deutsch said this:

Deutsch… claimed, “Our democracy is under siege,” before calling Trump a “dictator” and urging citizens “to start taking to the streets.” “This is a dictator,” the MSNBC analyst claimed. “This is not something to analyze anymore.

These are the types of hyperbole and deception that inflame groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have already shown they are not above violence in their “protests.” This panelist is calling for violence in the streets in order to overturn the Trump presidency.

These dangers are the prelude of anarchy in our land. Unchecked, they will result in the worst people in power and a nation that has jumped out of freedom and into serfdom. And in our modern age full of modern engines of destruction, such a violent uprising would make the French Revolution tame by comparison.

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

Featured and Top Image by Paul Dennis, Leighton Buzzard, UK, Paul’s Camera Photos 946, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons – Creative Commons License

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