The Dangers in The Left’s Response to the Parkland School Shooting.


The horrible shooting on February 14, 2018, at Parkland School in Florida has ignited the passions of many on both the Left and Right of the ideological spectrum. The familiar responses of each are being repeated as they always are following shootings since Columbine in 1999.

However, there is something a bit different about the response in this case. There is a new element being thrown into the non-debate, the students themselves. Students which recently appeared on a CNN “Town Hall” program for a discussion which ended up as no more than a leftist protest shouting match against the NRA.

This is not simply a different element legitimately introduced to further a solution, far from it. In fact, it is a very dangerous element illegitimately introduced to end the discussion and the NRA.

It Is a Different Element

The current response is not different because there are students and children involved in the response. That has certainly happened in the past.

32722215370_e6416f1421_mThe current response is so unlike others because of the way some of the students are responding. They are responding in a specific political manner for a specific political goal. The threatening protest posture is a political tactic here. The political goal is twofold and abundantly clear. The abolishment of the NRA in some manner and the ban of all guns in society.

It is different in another way as well. The leftist media has given more legitimacy to these students “demands” than before. Perhaps that is because the “demands” are mirroring the leftist agenda. Perhaps, as we have recently learned, that is because CNN also chose to censor the voices of students that disagreed with the scripted nature of the town hall event.

Moreover, the media is giving unprecedented airtime to one favorite student victim, David Hogg. He certainly has a right to speak his views. However, he has expressed views that are both inaccurate and slanderous. As Buck Sexton pointed out in his radio program on Monday, February 26, he should be subject to correction and critique, as anyone else would be.

Yet, we who disagree with his plainly ill-informed views are told that to express such disagreement is not allowed. The mostly unspoken rule says, “How dare you criticize these students! They must be heard and heeded because they have been traumatized by this horror.”

When disagreement is not allowed, especially in the public arena, it is a nod toward fascism. Non-tolerance of disagreement is what dictators demand. This is a result of the dangerous precedents being set in this case.

It Sets Dangerous Precedents

1805491653_0913ff0069_mIntroducing these students into the gun control non-debate is wrong for many reasons. One large reason is that it is dangerous both to the victims and to the future of free society as a whole.

It is dangerous to the victims of this shooting and any future ones which may be created because it sets horrible precedents. It teaches these young people that the solution to their local woes can only be found far away in Washington D.C.

The only thing that will accomplish is ensuring more school shootings will happen. More students will be killed. In fact, that may have already happened in this particular case.

Rush Limbaugh pointed out in his February 26th program that one of the reasons the shooter wasn’t arrested despite multiple warnings of a credible nature is due to an Obama era program, known as the “Promise” program, rewarding school districts and law enforcement for lowering the arrest rate. If there are no arrests for certain crimes, the suspect’s name won’t show up on the federal background checklist and won’t be flagged when a gun purchase is attempted.

This was implemented by the Eric Holder Justice Department. It was a program which paid certain school districts and police departments to keep arrests down, and which the Broward County Sherriff defended in a CNN interview. By the way, that sheriff’s dishonorable conduct should have him resign in shame, at the very least. But that’s a different article for another time.

The point is, federal government interference in local affairs contributed to ignoring offenses which would normally cause an arrest. An arrest which could have prevented this horrific event. Washington is the last place the people there should turn to for more ‘help’ like this.

Secondly, this element jeopardizes the future of free society in many ways. To punish the NRA for an act it had no part in and did not encourage removes justice from the equation. When the leftists use the students as they have, it promotes injustice on the backs of teenagers who have no concept of the ramifications of such injustice. Moreover, it brings with it a demand to submit.

It Demands Submission

This new tactic of the Left demands submission to the goal of disarming America. We should understand that the goal itself hasn’t changed. The Left has always demanded submission to their socialist aims, and disarming the public is but one factor in their overall agenda.

However, the use of these student-victims has amplified the demands to a new level. It is now at a level that calls for the destruction and even death of any who do not bow down. This is not hyperbole in the least.

All that needs to be done to confirm this observation is to re-watch two different events. First is the reprehensible CNN Town Hall meeting between students and both politicians and spokespeople from the conservative viewpoint on guns.

39570074475_d9f541155d_mThe second is the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, convention on February 21, 2018. There, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch challenged the leftist media and CNN in particular with these questions:

Where is the town hall for the grieving black mothers who lose their children every day in Chicago? …Where were the JROTC students at the town hall?

Panelists included Senator Marco Rubio, the aforementioned Sherriff of Broward County, and Loesch. Sen. Rubio and Loesch were not allowed to even answer questions put to them unless they agreed with the students and CNN that the NRA should be held responsible in some way for the shooting. 

Instead, they were shouted down and called “murderers” by students with CNN’s acquiescence if not their blessing. Shouts of “burn her” were voiced by the near riotous students toward Loesch. As for the Sherriff, he deflected all responsibility away from himself, with CNN’s allowance as well.

Loesch gave a more complete account of what happened during this town hall event in her CPAC speech. She revealed that after the town hall was over that an armed security detail was necessary for her to leave the arena amid myriad death threats being shouted at her as she left. There is little doubt these threats would have been carried out if this protection was not provided.

It Reeks of Desperation and Reveals the Malevolence of the Left

This despicable tactic of the Left also reeks of desperation. They are desperate because they are losing their political power. This has motivated leftists to both senselessly and ceaselessly denigrate anything associated with their number one enemy, President Trump.

The fact that the president is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment thus aids leftists in justifying unethical means to obtain their ends. At least, that is how they view it. In reality, this reveals the malevolence of the Left. Their malevolence coupled with desperation means there is nothing they will not attempt, however destructive and immoral, to win.

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander. Matthew 15:19 [ESV]

The horrible reality of mass shootings in our society is but a reflection of a truth too often ignored or dismissed in cultural discussion. The LORD Jesus taught long ago that evil is in the human heart. It will be with us wherever we are until we leave this earth.

As long as that is so, the potential of murderous slaughter is present. It must be controlled and suppressed which is part of the purpose of government, to suppress evil in society. Alexander Hamilton put it this way:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

Evil will one day be defeated and destroyed everywhere, the LORD assures us of that. Until that day, it can only be defeated one person at a time by trusting in the LORD Jesus Christ to defeat evil and drive it from each heart.

D.T. Osborn

SourcesThe Holy Bible, English Standard Version – Crossway Bibles, 2001 

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Colin Madland’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 Courtesy of Just for Fun!’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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Inset Image 3 Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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