Trump, Putin, and the Foolish Leftmedia [Video]

Trump, Putin, and the Foolish Leftmedia [Video]

Well, its finally happened. The two people at the center of the mainstream media storm for the past 19 months met on the world stage. American President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland. They held a press conference following a two-hour private meeting.

Then the Leftmedia blew a major gasket. If you believe the mainstreamers on the Left, Trump became a Russian secret agent starting in 1987 and a bumbling fool manipulated by Putin at the same time. Oh, and the world was going to end because of Trump… again.

The most amusing part of this was witnessing not just Trump, but also Putin playing the Leftmedia for the fools they are. The prelude to the conference, the presser, and its aftermath became a two-act play that brought the house down…on the Leftmedia.

Act One: Trump

17008571157_bbb36a1552_qPresident Trump was undoubtedly the star of this play. The only question is whether he was the villain or the hero.

The president became the star in the days leading up to the Summit. When he was asked if Putin was his enemy, Trump said instead that he thought of Vladimir as a “competitor.”

Putin began the presser with his opening statement. However, Trump took the lead in answering the questions, even answering a part of some of the questions directed to his Russian counterpart.

Moreover, Trump was the boldest and most controversial of the two. Most of the controversy was manufactured by the Leftmedia. Trump did generate some controversy on his own. Thus, his statements and answers rightly garnered the most attention.

The president also emphasized the fact that there was no “Russian collusion.” Additionally, he asked multiple times in one exchange about the location of the missing Democratic National Committee’s server which they withheld from FBI examination.

Act Two: Putin

2877337568_e31fc7859a_qVladimir Putin was a worthy co-star for the production. He started the play and generated much backlash when he said that he wanted Trump to win the 2016 election.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin said Monday he did want Donald Trump to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election but took no action during the campaign to make it happen. He said he favored the celebrity businessman because of his policies.

Putin was confident and seemed in control, even when asked about tampering with the 2016 presidential election. He stringently denied any allegations of election interference by the Russian state.

In fact, Putin made a surprising offer specifically to the Mueller team who has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. He invited the team to come to Russia and witness the interrogation of the latest Russians that Mueller has indicted.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the Russian suspects would be allowed to go back to the U.S. and face trial. It is possible that could happen, but it is not very probable it would.

Finale: The Foolish and Fanatical Leftmedia

5159976628_09169bb088_mThe reaction of the Leftmedia demonstrated both their foolishness and fanaticism. The foolishness is shown by their critique of what both Trump and Putin did and did not say.

For example, Trump was slammed for his apparent trust of what Putin said when denying election interference, instead of trusting American intelligence on the subject. He was criticized for not calling Putin out about it as well.

These are foolish criticisms. First off, can Trump be blamed for faulting American agencies such as the FBI and CIA? Thus far, high-level people such as still employed FBI agent Peter Strokz have done nothing but confirm their intent to destroy this presidency.

Both former and some current officials in those organizations have demonstrated their animus against the president since his election.

Secondly, was Trump supposed to square off with Putin and tell him that he and the Russian government are liars and crooks? Was he required to do this at the presser? Can anyone see why this would be an extremely foolish thing to do?

The same thing applies to Putin. He was scolded by the Leftmedia for not admitting Russian interference. As with Trump, what was Putin supposed to say? Was he to say, “OK America, you found us out! We are just a bunch of criminals after all!”? Such a demand is the height of folly.

Engaging in unwise behavior is not unusual for the Left. However, the fanaticism of their constant ridiculous critiques and demands is not simply foolish but dangerous as well. CNN’s Don Lemon was a typical example.

Can we still call President Trump the leader of the free world? Can we still call him the leader of the United States? He has gone from snarling alpha dog in Brussels, blasting our allies, to Putin’s lapdog in Helsinki.

Epilog: The Dangerous Political Reaction

5878997902_99ee064056_mBuck Sexton mentioned an interview he conducted with a Democratic Representative Coen of Tennessee on his July 18, 2018, radio show. He asked the politician what he suggested be done about Russian interference in our elections.

The congressman actually thought this was an “act of war” against the United States. He said

We should engage in an act of war in response. …We should hack Russia’s banking sector and shut it down, shut it all down.

That kind of action could provoke serious retaliation from Russia. It could even be regarded by Russia as a true act of war. So we should invite war for what are essentially Facebook and Twitter accounts that posted negative things about Hillary Clinton? Things which basically affected the election in zero ways?!

After all, America has also interfered in far more substantial ways in elections all over the world throughout the years. Specifically, the Clinton administration meddled in Russia’s re-election of Boris Yeltsin as president in 1996.

Clinton himself endorsed a $10.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund in the midst of the election season, which Yeltsin used to bolster his popularity, using it for social spending and the payment of back wages and pensions, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It appears the adversarial Left in both media and politics would rather risk actual nuclear conflict with Russia because they hate President Donald Trump. And there is but one basic reason they hate him.

It is the same as the day after the election. He beat Hillary. The Leftmedia in particular just cannot handle that fact.

It generates visceral hatred that justifies any behavior in their minds. So much so that they will even cite parody news stories as real to smear Trump. Within the orbit of the Left, folly reigns supreme.

The Moral of the Play

The moral of this comedy/drama is from the Scriptures.

The lips of the wise spread knowledge; not so the hearts of fools. Proverbs 15:7 [ESV]

The ‘hearts of fools’ belong to the maniacal Leftmedia who deny facts and reality to accomplish a nation-destroying revenge. The most pitiful fact is that these same miscreants ignore the real courage of this president in reaching for peace.

In his opening statement, President Trump said this:

Nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet, to refuse to engage. But that would not accomplish anything. As president, I cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics, or the media, or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct. Constructive dialog between the United States and Russia could afford the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace and stability in our world. I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics. 

Trump later emphasized that 90% of all the world’s nuclear weaponry is owned by America and Russia. Should a nuclear conflict erupt between the two, the entire world’s survival would be at imminent risk.

Is it not wise to avoid having the power of instant global destruction turned loose in a war between such fearsome enemies? This Summit was the first step in a process that could render the world safe from nuclear war. It would be most foolish to let the nitwits in the Leftmedia, as well as the resistors in government, hinder that potential.

D.T. Osborn


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