Canceling the ‘Cancel Culture’ Part 2 [Video]

cancel culture, Leftism, Marxism, Democratic partyIn the previous article, we covered how the so-called ‘cancel culture’ operates, as well as how it has sought to erase history, particularly American history, in an attempt to dissolve the American government and replace it with some sort of Marxist-Socialist model. However, there are still some obstacles remaining to a Leftist takeover of the nation.

A critical obstacle to this is the Christian heritage that definitively shaped American history from the very start. Today this is represented by a severely weakened Left-leaning Christian organizational structure in this nation.

There are two elements of this factor that make it such a necessary foe for the Left to defeat. One element is the inherent connection between this heritage and America’s creation and sustaining until recent times in her history. 

Attempting to ‘Cancel’ America’s Christian Heritage

The Left has been engaged in trying to remove or ‘cancel’ any hint of Christian presence or involvement with America’s founding and subsequent history for over five decades. This effort came to initial fruition back in 1962 with two Supreme Court decisions that abolished prayer and Bible reading in the public schools.

The results of this were predictable and many Christian conservatives warned against this though scoffed at by the Leftist elite at the time. The following video by David Barton illustrates this perfectly.

The current push to ‘cancel’ Christianity is a result of events that began shortly after the SCOTUS decisions of 1962-63. In fact, the rioting and demolishing of statues now are attributable to two generations of young people being taught in public schools and especially in colleges that America is simply an evil nation, perhaps the most evil nation ever established.

Is it so strange to discover that the progeny of this system comprise the typical Antifa and BLM ‘protestors,’ who now so delight in trashing America’s heritage? However, statues and monuments have not been the only targets of the destructive Left.

Inset. churches and synagogues were defaced and visited with terrible destruction in the last month. Strangely, there were no reports of such violations upon mosques in America during this same period.

What could be the reason for such a disparity? Might it be that there is a connection between BLM and folks such as Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam? 

Melina Abdullah, the lead organizer of Black Lives Matter in LA and a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State, had been very clear about her motive for bringing her hateful campaign to the area. “We’ve been very deliberate in saying that the violence and pain and hurt that’s experienced on a daily basis by black folks at the hands of a repressive system should also be visited upon, to a degree, to those who think that they can just retreat to white affluence,” the BLM-LA co-founder ranted. Melina Abdullah has a hateful record of appearing at Farrakhan and Nation of Islam events and praising the antisemitic hate group and its leader. When Facebook decided to remove Farrakhan over his hateful rhetoric toward Jews, the Black Lives Matter LA co-founder came to his defense.

Moreover, these attacks aren’t limited to property but have been conducted against people as well. One prominent example of such was seen at Grace Baptist Church in the city of Troy in the state of New York.

There is another element of America’s Christian heritage which makes both it and Judaism in the nation targeted for destruction from the Left. That is the strong bond with another enemy of Marxist/Socialist/Leftist Democrats in this country, the family.

The Final Enemy of the Leftist ‘Cancel Culture’ is the Family

The radical Left has also been trying to ‘cancel’ the family unit in western society for many decades. In their view, it is necessary to basically abolish the family for the same reason that the influence of Christianity and Judaism must cease to exist.

Inset. can allow no one person’s loyalty to be fixed higher than the loyalty to the state, or ‘party.’ Thus, devotion to either God or a family, or both, is to be subsumed to the devotion to one’s governing authority under a Leftist “paradise” of Socialism.

This is the same strategy demonstrated in Marxist regimes throughout history. Ultimate devotion to the state or the party is always required.

Therefore, both faith and blood ties are to be either weakened or eliminated for the Leftist dream to come to reality. Because of this factor, faith and the family are the final and most critical obstacles to obtaining the power over others they desire above all else.

Moreover, this also means that the Left will use any tactic, whether illegal or immoral, to achieve this goal. We have already seen this play out historically with the immoral tactic of encouraging children to turn in their parents for non-compliance with the government mandate. 

In fact, if one goes to the BLM webpage, as covered previously in this journal, one will find that a stated goal is the elimination of the so-called ‘nuclear family.’ That same desire is a critical component of all within the radical Left, whether groups like BLM, Antifa, or the Democratic party itself.

The ‘Cancel Culture’ can be Cancelled

As we have seen, the Leftist ‘cancel culture’ is a formidable foe to the continuing existence of civilization in the West. How can this pernicious effort be combatted and defeated?

There are some measures that can be taken to halt and turn away the ‘cancel culture’ concept. First, arm yourself with the truth and stand strong in it. This begins with knowing the truth of God’s Word, the Bible, and trusting it to guide us.

Inset. must also seek out good, reliable conservative sources for news and commentary. These are a few suggestions from such sources that I recommend.

Radio, podcasts, and video: Rush Limbaugh, Buck Sexton, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, Bill Whittle, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, Judicial Watch (Tom Fitton deserves a medal for his efforts), The Daily Wire, One America News, Blaze TV, and The First TV. 

All of these can be accessed online via Facebook, YouTube, podcasts or radio for free, or by subscription in the cases of Blaze TV and The First TV. There are several printed sources in digital form that are excellent examples of conservative journalism and commentary.

The best of the lot for straight news and investigative reporting is “The Epoch Times.” They have an app for the cellphone that provides a ton of great reporting, and they put out an excellent printed newspaper with a subscription. 

Once the truth is known, it must be defended. Those who are invested in a ‘cancel culture’ are either ignorant of the truth because they are trusting in the malevolent Leftmedia and their favorite social “justice” warriors, or they are aware and intentionally deceive for their purposes.

Defending the truth means calling it out in the midst of Leftist hysteria, and that requires a measure of courage, especially today. The devotees of the Marxist Left cling to their utopian fantasy as if they were members of a religious cult. 

Thus when they are challenged with truths they don’t approve of, the response is to berate and belittle the truth-teller and even respond with threats of violence. This is both an emotional response and done by design to discourage and wear down those of us who realize that their goals mean the destruction of liberty in America.

The most important step of all is to place your faith and trust in Christ and rest in His strength. Do not let your heart embrace fear, but instead, embrace the LORD.

When evildoers assail me to eat up my flesh, my adversaries and foes, it is they who stumble and fall. Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, yet I will be confident. Psalm 27:2-3 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

Featured and Top Image courtesy of EpicTop10’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 courtesy of TheCX’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 2 courtesy of Logan Hunt’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 3 courtesy of Joe Haupt’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

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