Tech Tyrants 2020 Election Tampering [Video]


During the last two weeks, the public has witnessed two social media companies that are engaged in blatant examples of trying to tamper with the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The actions of both Twitter and Facebook that amount to election tampering were not accidental but planned and purposeful.

The recent censorship by both social media titans of President Trump’s campaign and of many other influential conservatives began with a New York Post story concerning the corruption surrounding presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The source for these revelations was the contents of a hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. 

Both Twitter and Facebook locked or censored the accounts of the Post and anyone who linked to their story including the President’s campaign outlets on the social media “platforms.”

Nor were these actions the first or only example of attempts to tamper with this election. In fact, such tampering was intended from the moment candidate Donald Trump won the 2016 election. 

The social media giants vowed years ago to prevent Trump from getting re-elected

This journal has covered how CNN in particular declared a war of consistent opposition to this President months before he was inaugurated. Much the same is true for the social media tyrants.

In fact, President Trump has been claiming that those such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have been colluding against him since 2016. Last year, the President prompted the Justice Department to look into doing something to stop it.

the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is finally on the verge of launching a much-needed, full-scale investigation into the censorship, de-platforming, and discrimination tactics of the Tech Cabal, which has long been engaged in illicit, monopolistic practices that hurt consumers and inhibit freedom of speech. The DOJ has indicated that it will be digging deep into the anti-First Amendment culture at Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc.

The results of this investigation to date have come in the form of an antitrust lawsuit filed by the DOJ and attorney’s general of 11 states against Google on October 20th.

The redoubtable Tucker Carlson shows how Google, FB, and Twitter are and have been committed to defeating President Trump for the past four years.

President Trump has taken full advantage of Twitter messaging to communicate to 87 million or so followers since he became a candidate in 2015. Trump’s tweets literally drive news cycles and have since before he was elected, much to the alarm and consternation of Twitter overlord Jack Dorsey. 

It might seem ironic that the President is using Twitter to get his messages out since they are so hostile to him. However, even Twitter is hard-pressed against censoring the President of the United States, not to mention someone with 87+ million followers.

This hasn’t stopped Twitter and FB from censoring anyone else associated with the President, including his Press Secretary, who should reference the NY Post stories condemning Biden.

Tech tyrants have uniformly favored Socialistic policy

4524530413_3f665a6cd7_w (1)One of the interesting features of this exhibition of censorship is how much it resembles tactics of the old Soviet Union. FB and Twitter have in effect acted like the KGB and Politburo of the USSR. These actions have revealed for all to see that social media is as corruptly trying to influence this election just as if they were the propaganda outlets of a dictatorial regime. 

Buck Sexton perhaps said it best on his show of October, 21st.

Big tech has put itself in a very precarious position because now we know. When it really matters on a critical issue if they feel like they can put their thumb on the scale for the Left, …Twitter and Facebook will do it even with no real rationalization or justification they will go to the mat for the Democrats.

This shouldn’t be that surprising when one examines what those running the social media giants have favored as policy over the years. However, while their tactics are similar to the Soviets, the nation they have shown the most deference to is Communist China, while the policies they support with enthusiasm are invariably Socialist. 

Moreover, the presidential candidate of the Democrat Left [but I repeat myself], Joe Biden, has had a very cozy relationship with the Chinese Communists for a long time. 

In 2013, then VP Biden leveraged some of that favor with the Chinese government to aid his son, Hunter, in what turned out to be some rather shady business dealings in China. These efforts came to fruition in 2017 when,

“…the illustrious vice-presidential son was granted what Chinese commentators described as a Xianchai, a sinecure reserved for offspring of important officials, at BHR Partners. BHR is a $20 billion fund with shareholders that include China Life, China Development Bank and other state-owned entities. China’s State Council calls on BHR to find deals abroad by hiring foreigners with political connections.”

A ‘sinecure’ is defined as,

an office or position requiring little or no work, especially one yielding profitable returns.

Sounds like the kind of job Hunter Biden is suited for, given what we already know of his history. In 2019 Biden allegedly resigned from the board of BHR although he was still listed as a member as of March 2020 according to China’s public records.

The emails that show the dirty dealings with China by both Hunter and then V.P. Joe Biden were revealed by the N.Y. Post and have been confirmed by a former business partner of Hunter Biden, Joe Bobulinski. This man has come forward and publicly named the former Vice President as a person who received money from his son that Hunter had received from China for making ‘introductions’ possible between the elder Biden and Party officials.

Yet both Twitter and FB refused to allow these newest revelations to be distributed on their ‘platforms,’ as was the case with the original N.Y. Post story concerning Hunter and underhanded dealings with Ukraine.

They favor fraudulent mail-in voting as well as Leftist violence to agitate during and after the election.

26707092409_0aef5abd1a_wThis journal previously noted the need for extreme vigilance concerning voting during this election. Both mail-in ballots and plans for violent protest after the election are tactics the Democrats intend to use to delay the results and steal the presidency from Donald Trump.

The most likely scenario the Democrats expect is that President Trump will win in a landslide according to the votes counted on election day. Joe Biden will then take Hillary Clinton’s advice and not concede defeat. The issue will be thrown into the courts in preparation for which the Biden team has already amassed a horde of lawyers. In the meantime, the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party will stage demonstrations that will devolve into violent riots.

The social media tyrants have actively enabled and favored these plans with their ‘platforms.’ The favor shown to the Socialist groups “Black Lives Matter,” and “Antifa” during the riotous raging of 2020 is evidence enough of this fact.

One of the recent examples of such favor and support comes from Twitter user and free-speech activist Philip Anderson. Anderson, a conservative who also happens to be black, was assaulted  by BLM/Antifa thugs at an anti-Twitter rally on October 17th.

During a free-speech rally in San Francisco, Black free speech activist Philip Anderson was attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters as he protested outside the headquarters of Twitter. The incident resulted in Anderson having his two front teeth knocked out. After having his teeth knocked out, Twitter banned Anderson’s account from the network. Ironically, Anderson and his group were present at Twitter to protest censorship from the social media giant and its decision to censor the New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s emails and Joe Biden’s potential connection to Burisma energy company corruption.

Yes, you read that correctly. The victim of the attack by BLM/Antifa had his account banned from Twitter after posting and uploading his photo as evidence of the attack! 

The tech tyrants must be redefined and broken up

These are all attempts to interfere with this presidential election, which is illegal, and Twitter, as well as Facebook, should suffer some consequences. We shall see what the testimony of Twitter CEO Dorsey before Congress will reveal and if anything substantial will come of it. 

27470821833_8e8c4a6d39_wHowever that may unfold, one thing which must happen is a redefinition and breaking apart the giants of current social media in America.

They have abused to the breaking point the legal exceptions they have been granted as simply information platforms. Google as the monopoly search engine and FB and Twitter have become effectively the determiner of what information we are allowed to access on the internet. They edit and remove information counter to the Leftist ideology and at present suffer no negative consequences while doing so.  

An example of how much control over the internet a company like Google holds is manifested if one tries to free themselves from Google completely and still function on the internet. 

Google is everywhere, and it’s everywhere in ways you won’t always see. The ads on this site? They’re Google Ads. The analytics software we use to analyze our traffic? Google Analytics. The font we’re using? That’s pulled from Google. Even if you don’t use any Google service yourself, just by visiting this site you’re being exposed to three of them. And it’s the same with other things. If your mother uses Gmail, even if you don’t, Google is still going to have your email address and—unless they’re encrypted—the emails you sent her. It’s certainly possible to minimize your exposure to Google, but it’s very hard to eliminate it completely unless you lock yourself in a internet-free cabin in the middle of nowhere.

That is why the DOJ’s lawsuit against Google is a good starting point to ensure accountability by the tech tyrants. Google is effectively the biggest bully on the block, so taking them down is key to sending a stern message to the Dorseys and Zuckerburgs of the world.

Moreover, these tech tyrants need to have their influence limited by legal means of an ATT-style break up, or by new and truly free platforms of information rising to challenge them.

These will never emerge from the Leftists. Liberty has long-since been jettisoned from their ranks.

The only way the solution of a competitive free-speech platform happens is through efforts of conservatives, especially wealthy ones who would put their ‘money where their mouth is,’ so to speak. 

One of the best statements I have yet read addressing this subject comes, again, from Buck Sexton on the same broadcast of Oct. 21st referring to a statement he made back in June of this year. 

If one of the already vilified conservative billionaires out there has any stomach for saving their country from the mob they should buy and flip a major media platform or fund a new one, and make it an unsinkable aircraft carrier of true free speech. We are completely outgunned in the platform wars and it’s only going to get worse. All the major media and streaming companies are part of the lib ‘Death Star.’ Stop sending checks to think tanks that overpay second-tier scholars to churn out policy papers that five people read. It doesn’t even have to be conservative in its mission. It would soon become dominated by conservatives if it adamantly refused to censor speech for the woke mob. The Left can no longer tolerate debate like sane people. They don’t have to. They just point, scream, and cancel. Meanwhile, I know ultra-wealthy conservatives who are terrified of anyone finding out what their politics are because to be accepted among the elites you have to at least allow those around you to believe you are woke and lib. This is a massive cultural failing of the right. And where are the older leaders in conservative media building up the next generation. Folks on our side seem obsessed with their own brand and protecting their turf which is a small slice of the media landscape. We need more voices with serious platforms we control.

Amen to that sentiment, Mr. Sexton. For far too long many wealthy conservatives have been content to sit on the sidelines and avoid taking any risks or allowing controversy to touch them.

Playing it safe won’t cut it any longer. This election could determine whether or not America stands strong or falls into the abyss of Marxism. Let us pray that the LORD will look on us with favor at this most critical time.

May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you securely on high!  Psalm 20:1 [NASB]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: New American Standard Bible, Holman Bible Publishers, 1981

Featured and Top image courtesy of Sean MacEntee’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 courtesy of Ivy Dawned’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License 
Inset Image 2 courtesy of Mike Lawrence’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
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All other sources linked or cited in the text

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