Contrary to Leftist Rumor, the 2020 Election has not been Decided [Video]

46622606075_8e38d7a371_kNow that the pronouncement of the media news networks and the Associated Press has declared Joe Biden the victor in the 2020 presidential election, they are pressuring President Trump to concede defeat. The President is not doing so and is instead going to the courts to fight for the transparency and integrity of America’s election process. 

President Trump is absolutely right and within his rights to contest results such as these which are tainted with the stink of fraud. He is correct when he states that this must be done or we may never be able to trust the election process of our nation ever again.

The media ‘decision’ desks don’t get to choose the President for us

The reality of this election is that the ‘decision desks’ of the Leftmedia can ‘call’ the results of the voting to their heart’s content. They can even ‘call’ Joe Biden the “president elect.” 

However, it is also reality that neither media declaration is true. It is the legal, constitutional declaration that makes it clear it is the Electors who will actually elect the Chief Executive, and that doesn’t happen until December 14th. More about the process in a bit. 

Moreover, there is a straightforward and malevolent method being pursued by the Leftmedia in this case. It is the basic propaganda principle that if one simply declares a falsehood loud enough and long enough, you can make others believe it, or at least accept it.

It is the same evil behind the “newspeak” of George Orwell’s classic novel 1984. Worse yet, it reflects the real historical evil of the Soviet news propaganda paper ironically named Pravda, or in English, Truth. 

The Leftmedia are experts at manipulating language to make their own case and persuade people they are being ‘objective’ and ‘factual’ in their claims. Moreover, they are also experts at defaming their opponents as those who are guilty of deceit by labeling even factual information as false or “misleading.”

An excellent video clip from Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire elaborates on such media misconduct.

Democrat’s election fraud will likely result in a Supreme Court ruling

The plain truth is this; it is the fault of the Leftist Democrat political machine that we do not now have President Trump as the winner of the 2020 election. The election fraud they have perpetrated will likely require the intervention of the United States Supreme Court to settle the matter.

Among the examples that strain credulity is one you may not have heard much about, the excess number of votes cast compared to voters registered in various swing states. As can be seen from the information below, 7 out of 8 key swing states have more votes being cast than the total number of registered voters residing in the state.

According to who matched their information with figures,

Nevada has 1,277,000 registered voters and a projected vote total of 1,593,143. That is 125% more votes than voters.

Pennsylvania with 6,469,000 registered voters shows 7,041,672 votes cast, a 109% disparity. This continues with Minnesota at 107% more votes than voters, North Carolina with 106% more, Wisconsin with 105% more, Michigan also has 105% difference and Arizona which comes in with 30,705 more votes than voters, a 101% disparity.

Georgia is also listed though they came in slightly under the wire with 96% of registered voters ‘casting’ a vote. This itself is highly improbable because it reflects a 96% turnout, which would be unprecedented.

However, actual fraud has been revealed where violations of election law did occur. The Trump administration is now engaged in lawsuits which will no doubt reach the level of the Supreme Court before all is said and done.

In the video below, the counsel for the Trump campaign gives a damning assessment containing evidence of multiple incidents of illegal voter fraud supported by sworn affidavits of a multitude of witnesses. 

Fraud has surfaced in a variety of forms and with a uniform boldness that is shocking. From software programs that switched thousands of votes from Trump to Biden to the recent revelations from poll watcher Hima Kolanagireddy in Detroit, Michigan, the evidence is clear.

Kolanagireddy reports seeing sequential ballots that were suspicious and obviously false and asking herself, “How are the numbers all next to one another? Something is not going right here. Identical signatures? No dates? And now the same series of voters, all voting for Biden?” These ballots were all tabulated according to Kolanagireddy. “I never saw a single vote for Trump. Even the military ballots were all for Biden. We were four people who went, and only one of us saw a Trump ballot in the two days we were there.”

It is now certain that legal relief from the fraudulent election “results” is necessary and it will get to the SCOTUS. However, this cannot consume much time for there is a legal time limit on the process.

The process will have a time limit

There is a legal process for the election of the President and it does not include the media projections. Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch makes pertinent comments on this and the attempted brainwashing that continues across the American Leftmedia.

The process of essentially certifying this presidential election has been covered in brief previously in this journal. As was noted in that piece, there is a time limit built into the process itself.

However, the delay cannot linger because there are two other important dates that loom in December concerning the Electoral College vote and are set by law. The Electors must meet by December 14 to cast their votes and officially elect the new President. If there arise any disputes because of delays in vote counting, the states whose Electors are not settled must resolve those disputes and select their electors by December 8, 2020, again, according to Federal law. Any state that cannot accomplish this feat would then forfeit all of their Electoral votes!  That scenario alone would throw the election into chaos. Couple that with the tremendous potential for fraud inherent in mail-in voting and you have a recipe for disaster.

That potential for election disaster has now come to fruition. What remains to be done is for the process to play out, and the response of Americans to the legal rulings and final results of the 2020 election.

How should we respond as Americans to ensure the true results and no matter the final result?

There are some things that regular citizens can do while this process is playing out to help the President fight for a true and legitimate election result. One of these is to make sure the GOP knows that they must strongly support the President’s efforts.

Some have already made statements to that effect, and they are to be praised for it. They include Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. 

However, the support of the entire GOP should be strongly behind President Trump and there remain those who do not, to their shame and the detriment of the nation. The leader of this pack of RINOs is, not unexpectedly, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. 

None of the GOP in the Senate or the House of Representatives should be referring to Joe Biden as the “president-elect,” yet Romney has already done this, as well as calling Biden to congratulate him! However, Romney is at least clear on his stance for the moment.

The same cannot be said for a whole host of Republicans who remain silent on this issue when they should be solidly in support of the President and this critical effort to bring transparency and truth to the election process. The reason for boldly favoring the President’s actions goes far beyond who will occupy the White House for the next term.

If the voting numbers so far are anything close to accurate, they show that over 70 million voters chose President Trump for re-election. Moreover, the GOP rode the President’s coattails and picked up a significant portion of seats in the House and kept control of the Senate!

We must make sure our elected Republican representatives don’t forget that the overwhelming majority of us stand with President Trump, and they oppose him at their own future political peril. However, it is even more important that the integrity of the voting process be preserved here and now.

If not, Americans may never again trust in free and fair elections, especially on the national scale. That loss of trust would put us on a fast track to a tyrannical Marxist state.

When the 2020 Presidential election is truly and finally decided, we also all must accept the result no matter who becomes the victor.

If it is President Trump we will happily receive that news with abundant gratitude to the LORD and pray for strength, courage, wisdom and grace for the future. If it turns out that Joe Biden wins the office, we will prayerfully accept that and ask for strength, courage, wisdom and grace for the days ahead.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:10-12 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

Featured and Top Image courtesy of Journolink Journolink’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License

All other sources linked or cited in the text

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